Community Links

The p.i.n.e. project is one of many organizations whose mission is to reconnect people and nature. We are part of a growing “nature connection” movement that sees nature, community, and self as vital interconnected parts of a healthy culture.

Local, regional and international organizations offer support for this movement, and as such, we encourage you to take a look at some of the opportunities listed, as you will find great opportunities regionally and internationally to help support healthy, resilient future generations.


Earth Tracks – A wilderness skills school focuses on plant studies, tracking, wilderness survival, and naturalist canoe trips and adventures. Operated by Alexis Burnett, one of the key facilitators at the Ontario Art of Mentoring program. They also offer ten month apprenticeships in Herbal studies and Wildlife Tracking.

Sticks and Stones Wilderness School- A wilderness skills school focused on survival skills and mentoring. They offer day, weekend, and week long programs, as well as live-in internships and apprenticeships.

 Headwaters and Harvest Gatherings: Earth skills gatherings for all ages. Headwaters is held in the Spring near Collingwood, while Harvest is held in the Fall near Peterborough.


Institute for Natural Learning – Founded and run by Mark Morey, a key international facilitator at the Art of Mentoring program world wide. The Institute for Natural Learning provides all manner of programming, support, and coaching for mentors of all ages. Mark is a master of the deep journey, and helps others create resilient and regenerative culture in their communities.

8 Shields Institute – Founded by Jon and Nicole Young, and Mark Morey, the 8 Shields Institute is an international leader in nature based mentoring, providing support for mentors, learners, teachers, and anyone interested in connecting to nature. Their work guides the approach we use here at pine. They offer distance education programs, as well as resources and long term mentoring opportunities in a wide variety of topics all based upon building deep connections to self, community, and nature.

White Pine Programs - A similar organization to the p.i.n.e. project, and one of our “mentor” organizations, WPP has helped us become who we are! They run high end Wildlife Tracking programs in Algonquin Park, as well as Bird Language Intensive training for adults, amongst many other incredible programs.