The Best Day Ever Bursary Fund


The Best Day Ever(2)

We believe that today can be the best day ever. We just need to ensure that we connect with our environment in deep and meaningful ways to do so.

The Best Day Ever Fund helps provide children, families and adults the opportunity to participate in p.i.n.e. programs and rediscover their strong connection to nature, to gain resiliency and to potentially experience The Best Day Ever!

Help create local, natural connection today.

It is all about today. Today is The Best Day Ever because tomorrow might not happen.

—Hendri Coetzee

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To apply for a bursary:

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
For summer camp, we suggest applying by March 15th

Why support nature connection?

When you go out into nature, the more you know, the less you need. So we take kids there and bring little other than our skills, knowledge, and our commitment to mentoring future generations in understanding, participating with, and caring for the environment.
Children that learn to use the simplest materials to meet many of their basic needs grow up independent, competent, confident and empowered. They are positive and see every rainstorm or snowstorm as on opportunity to live and enjoy the moment. They are fully alive, vibrant children that can do anything. With strong relationships to the land, the community and to themselves, children grow up equipped to face whatever challenges life may give them, and adapt and be creative to meet those challenges. With a deep love and connection to nature and all living things (produced from experiences where nature provides for our needs) children turn into adults that inherently understand how dependent human existence is on the natural world. They also have the tools, knowledge and understanding to care for nature, make it healthier, and to become leaders and mentors in their homes, communities, and in their lives.

So in the end, helping a child to have their best day ever, can actually do so much more. It can help them heal, learn, and play.
It can help them connect, grow, and mature.
It can support them to become a resilient human being, one that can truly be a leader that our world needs, one that understands and cares for all life.
Your support can make their best day ever happen, and become the beginning in a long line of best days ever.

Thank you for your generous support!

A Lineage of Mentoring

The Best Day Ever Bursary Fund was created to honor the memory of Hendri Coetzee (1975-2010). Andrew McMartin, founder of the p.i.n.e. project met Hendri in 2001, when Andrew was 20 years old and interning at Adrift rafting on the White Nile in Uganda. Hendri, one of the guides there at the time, quickly became a friend and mentor, helping Andrew learn to navigate Uganda and the massive waters of the White Nile during his stay in Africa.

Hendri’s personal mission to live every day as “the best day ever” spread infectiously wherever we went.  Hendri’s life and philosophies were a major inspiration in the creation of the p.i.n.e. project, and his influence is still very present in our work. Because of this, our bursary fund is named after him. So it is in honour of Hendri and all of the wonderful ways that he influenced the people and the world around him, that we give others a chance to experience their best day ever.

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