The Perfect Camp for the ‘Wild Child’ in your Life…


Red Wolf Wilderness Camp (Ages 7 – 9, 10 – 14)

Cook over the open fire, harvest wild plants and add them to meals, make fire from rubbing sticks together, and sneak up on your friends covered in natural forest camouflage that makes people virtually invisible. We’ll be making everything from primitive tools to friction fires, shelters to keep us warm and dry in any weather, and having tons of fun playing games and learning all about the world around us. There’s also plenty of hangout time around the fire to relax, and just enjoy being outside.

This week long camp is about learning to live in the wild. We set out on a week long adventure in the wilds of Haliburton to make our camp, and fulfill many of our needs from nothing more than the natural world around us. Groups focus on various themes throughout the week, using cool challenges and the amazing places we find to our advantage. Through many of these awesome skills, we’ll be learning about the land and how we can work with it to survive and thrive!

All challenges are by choice, and campers are supported to make decisions they are excited about. We’ll have bug free tents set up for sleeping, and more modern conveniences at hand when needed. All food is provided, and allergies and other food sensitivities are taken into account when planning menus.

Campers are dropped off with the gear they’ll need for the week (a packing list is provided in our welcome package) and parents pick them up a week (or two) later.

Content includes:

  • camouflaging with natural materials
  • making bows, arrows and primitive projectiles and learning how to use them safely
  • wildlife tracking
  • awareness challenges and games
  • group games and leadership
  • building shelters and sleeping in them
  • learning about and using edible plants
  • making friction fires
  • creating fire pits and ovens out of cob and clay
  • wilderness living skills
  • crafting skills
  • creating songs, stories and games


August 5 – 11, 2018

August 12 – 18, 2018

August 19 – 25, 2018

Location & Times:

In the forest at Bark Lake Camp near Haliburton, Ontario

Drop off is at 3pm Sunday. Pick up is at noon Saturday.

Price: $825.00

Bursaries are available through the Best Day Ever Fund.


2018 Pre-registration for 2017 Campers Only: Tues January 30th @ 7am

Open Registration: Tues Feb 13, 2018 @ 7am onward.