Art of Mentoring!

The Art of Mentoring is just past, and what a whirlwind of inspiration and nature connection! How can one describe the power of weaving many generations together in a community of nature connection? It’s not easy, but one of our participants just did a great job describing her families’ experience:

“We’re deeply grateful for the most amazing and powerful week of learning, connecting, and play. Thank you all for your hard work and for helping to make the experience so incredible. I’m so grateful for the scholarship as well, that made it possible for the four of us to attend. Perhaps Christopher, who was exploring with the teens all week, summed it up best for all of us when he said “I feel new”. We all feel new, and super excited to continue working with all that we learned, on a daily basis and with our community. Christopher is one of many who struggle in school. I was so moved when the night we got home he decided to stay up late in bed and make a list of 20 birds of prey (his commitment) so that he can memorize them over the next two weeks. Suddenly, not only is he interested in learning about birds, but he’s taking initiative to learn about them himself! After experiencing the AOM I’m not surprised, but it’s pretty incredible to see the difference between not caring about force-fed facts and being inspired and excited to discover and experience more. How can I possibly find proper words of gratitude for transformations such as this?
We look forward to seeing you next year and to being in touch through our ‘Granite Shield’ (Muskoka AOM regional group) clan.
With many thanks we wish you all the best,
Stephanie, David, Christopher and Alexa.”

Our big announcement is that the dates for the Ontario Art of Mentoring 2012 are August 20-25. Plan your calendars now, and we’ll see you there!