Routes of Change: Markus Pukonen to circle the globe in support of social change


Many of us at p.i.n.e. are committed to being the change we want to see: a world where people and communities have a deeper connection with nature and are aiming to “be more and need less.” Markus Pukonen, named as one of Canada’s greatest explorers by Canadian Geographic, is enacting this philosophy with his organization, Routes of Change. Routes of Change is a five year expedition circling the planet without the use of any motors, in support of leaders of positive change in world. Markus will be departing from Toronto on July 13, 2015 to begin his five year expedition.


The p.i.n.e. project has the honour of being supported by Markus as he embarks on his voyage from Toronto to make connections with and support other non-profit organizations that are working towards positive social change. We view Markus’ journey as embodying the “be more, need less” philosophy. Without using a motor throughout his circumnavigation of the globe, he is proving that you don’t necessarily need a motor to travel, be more, cultivate social change or pursue your dreams.

Markus is incidentally promoting ecological sustainability by decreasing his carbon footprint immensely without the use of any type of motor on his 5 year journey. “One transatlantic flight for a family of four creates more CO2 than that family generates domestically in an entire year,” ( How much CO2 do you think Markus would generate by traveling the same route by plane?

The Routes of Change project brings to mind the life of Hendri Coetzee (1975-2010), the inspiration for our Best Day Ever Fund and a close friend and mentor of our Executive Director Andrew McMartin. Hendri’s personal mission was to live each day as “the best day ever” as a bold explorer and lover of the natural world. Markus Pukonen will be living some of his best days ever on his journey as one of Canada’s top explorers circumnavigating the world while supporting leaders of positive change.


- Hendri Coetzee (1975-2010)

We would like to thank Markus for making the effort to show the world by example that by being more, not only does he need less but he is also able to express his deep connection to the earth and the people who inhabit it by supporting positive change. Keep up with Markus on his amazing journey by following him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Calculate your carbon footprint here (i.e. how many Earths would it take to support human life if everyone lived the way you do?)