Survival Skills Intensive


Survival Skills

When: August 13-15 (Friday 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm)
Registration deadline: July 30/2010
Location: West End Toronto, Sorauren Fieldhouse, 50 Wabash Ave.
Instructor: Skeet Sutherland of Sticks and Stones Wilderness School.

Costs: $199

This class is the epitome of our “be more, need less” philosophy. It’s focus is to give participants the skills and knowledge to be able to head off into natural spaces and take care of themselves, with little or no modern tools!

One of the most empowering aspects of the course is that these skills come from our shared history as human beings. They bring us together as people, and connect us to the earth as a part of the ecosystem. Let’s be real… you wouldn’t be here today if your ancestors hadn’t known how to rub sticks together to make fire, how to hunt and forage, or how to tan hides and create their own clothing.

Indigenous survival skills are handy if you find yourself in an emergency situation but they are also an effective means to empower confidence in new areas, and inspire connection with the natural places all around. Imagine what it would feel like to know that no matter what happened, you knew enough and had the experience to get by comfortably. This class is for anyone interested in learning more about wilderness survival, the environment in which they live, and especially for those that spend a considerable amount of time in natural spaces.

Indigenous knowledge will give participants the basic skills needed to survive any emergency situation, and the ability to turn a stressful survival situation into an adventure. The primary focus in this workshop is developing the ability to provide oneself with the four basic human needs: Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. Friction fires, water purification and location, shelter construction, and food sources will all be covered.


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