The Art of Mentoring- Nature connection, mentoring and community!

The Art of Mentoring: Nature connection, mentoring, and community! 

Join us for a one week immersion into deep nature connection, and a fun community atmosphere with programs for each age and stage! The Art of Mentoring program is hosted in a variety of places around the world, and the Canadian program is here in Ontario.

The week is a really fun mix of learning techniques to connect deeper with nature, build new skills and knowledge in natural environments, learn to pass on connection to nature to others, and grow relationships and understanding of how to build stronger communities (be that in your home, your neighbourhood, workplace, or wherever!)

Nature Connection

Whether its weaving a basket from Willow or Dogwood, learning the edible plants that you pass by on a wander through the woods, deciphering what exactly those birds are saying with your group, or just sitting quietly and relaxing by a wetland, even the most seasoned naturalists will find something new here! And if you’re new to it all, no worries! You’ll be met right where you’re “at” in your knowledge and understanding.


Isn’t it interesting that modern conventional schooling has only been in existence for a couple of centuries, and yet humans have been thriving on this planet for much much longer?
How did knowledge get passed from one generation to the next over the majority of Human history?
It certainly wasn’t through classrooms and workshops. We call it Mentoring, and the model that’s introduced here at the Art of Mentoring is built upon the ways people across the world have passed on knowledge forever. And it works.

Community Building

The Art of Mentoring has programs for all ages and stages. Each program spends the 9-5(ish) portion of the day focused on their own material, yet they all weave together at various points of the week, and in the evenings. It’s a bit of magic to see how a storytelling evening can entertain all ages, with tiny kids mesmerized for the duration, and adults laughing along… and then after the kids are put to bed,  adult participants are led on a reflection of the deeper parts of this seemingly simple story.
The week is crafted meticulously to integrate people into the greater whole, while also allowing time for a little personal space here and there. It’s an amazing opportunity to look at what is often referred to as: Cultural Mentoring, or creating learning opportunities through crafting the context of an experience, as well as the content.
They say it takes a village… well this program creates it!

The Art of Mentoring has something for all ages, so that all individuals in the community can be engaged. See below for more info on the program that’s right for you!

  1. Adult Program 
  2. Nature Immersion Program (2nd year adult program)
  3. One Day OWLS Program for elders
  4. Teen Program
  5. Youth Camp
  6. Oaks and Acorns parent and tot program