Tracking and Nature Club: July and August

Two amazing summer meetings with over a dozen folks of all ages out to each! High Park gave us a great sensory experience and provided space for games and childlike fun, while Sunnyside Beach gave everyone an opportunity to really start to see how detailed Tracking can be!

Next meetings will be held: Mon. September 21 from 5:30 – 8pm, and Oct. 31 (A special Halloween Tracking Club meeting Sat. morning from 10am – 1pm… this could possibly turn into a dress/act like your favourite animal meeting… ha!).

While we wait for the next meeting, see if you can spot three different mammals and a couple of different birds around your home. What is their movement strategy (what gait pattern do they show most frequently?) What animals do you see most often around your home?

Tracks needed for the Toronto Tracking Card: Otter, Mink, Marten, Weasel, Fisher, Dog, Fox, Coyote, Opossum, Beaver, Muskrat, Skunk, Groundhog, Porcupine, Cottontail Rabbit, Red Squirrel, and any other characters that you might have seen around your neighbourhood!

DSC01458 by you. DSC01445 by you.

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