Fiery Foxes: Adventure Out (Ages 7-9)


Adventure Out is an advanced program, only open to returning participants. In some cases, new participants with equivalent experience may be accepted into the program*. The program focuses on honing participants’ bushcraft and awareness skills. The remote setting allows participants to dive deeper into skills than is possible in an urban context. With a permanent base camp, they can create structures and […]

Explorers Camp


Explorers Camp (Ages 4 – 12)* Explorers camp is all about exploration and wandering. With specific themes each day to focus our adventures and fun, we’ll spend the week exploring amazingly diverse ecosystems – forests, fields, valleys, wetlands, and more. Throughout the program we play nature-based games, tell stories, create nature-related art and drama, explore, make all-natural […]

March Break Nature Retreat – Children


We are excited to be offering our fourth annual March Break Nature Retreat! This retreat will offer you a chance to rejuvenate in nature’s beauty, deepening your connection to, and understanding of, the natural world. We will be expanding our awareness & knowledge, while exploring some of the many uses of nature’s gifts. Learn new […]

March Break Nature Retreat


March Break Nature Retreat (Families – Children ages 4 – 12 and Caregivers) A program for families! We are excited to be offering our annual March Break Nature Retreat at the edge of Algonquin Park. This retreat is open to groups and families who love the outdoors, regardless of their experience level or background. Participants […]

Wanderers Camp


Wanderers Camp (Ages 4 – 12) Wanderers Camp is now referred to as [West End] Explorers Camp. Please check out our Explorers Camp webpage for dates and details!

Run Wild After School (Ages 6-13)


Run Wild is our after school program where we use games, stories, wilderness skills, naturalist studies and adventures to help foster deep and lifelong relationships between kids and nature while having a ton of fun. Participants may not realize they are learning important life skills such as: Teamwork Physical fitness and healthy living Wildlife tracking […]

Fiery Foxes (Ages 7-9)


Fiery Foxes are learning and growing quickly. Emphasis in this age group is on learning what we are capable of through skill building and creating with our hands. Where the Coyote Pups are adventurers and wanderers, the Fiery Foxes are builders and creators! Foxes will embark on adventures in nature and will be working on […]

Coyote Pups (Ages 4-6)


Our Coyote Pups are the smallest adventurers there are. Emphasis in this age group is on introducing children to the wonders of nature and wilderness skills as well as building independence, curiosity, social skills and resilience. Coyote pups find the coolest nature mysteries, pretend to be the sneakiest animals, and howl at the birds when […]

Red Wolf Wilderness Camp


Red Wolf Wilderness Camp (Ages 7 – 9, 10 – 14) Cook over the open fire, harvest wild plants and add them to meals, make fire from rubbing sticks together, and sneak up on your friends covered in amazing natural forest camouflage. Red Wolf Wilderness Camp is all about learning to live in the wild. We set out on […]

Coyote Camp


Coyote Camp (Ages 4 – 12) Coyotes live at the edges, at the periphery of our perception, highly aware and rarely seen. This camp is all about the Coyote’s way of life and is fun for all ages and all types of kids. Teamwork and skill development are high priorities, and learning from each other […]