Registration Policy

The registration process may differ slightly depending on the program that you are interested in. Please read the Registration section on the page of each respective program for more information.

If you have any further questions after reading this page, feel free to contact the office directly at or by calling 416-792-2772.

Year Round Children’s Programs

1. Pre-registration - for our year round programs takes place between June and August, as the programs start in October. Year round programs run from October to June so that children get to experience three distinct seasons in the natural environment.  For all p.i.n.e. programs, participants qualify to pre-register in a program they have participated in the prior season (same time, day of the week, program age group). This is because:

  • We aim for consistency in the groups, the staff/student relationships, and the time and scheduling consistency for families
  • Our programs have limited space. Opening registration to new participants (even to a long time p.i.n.e. family that is new to the time of day or specific program) can bump returning children from the group, which limits the consistency that we have found is so important

This is an initiative to promote long-term mentoring relationships for children at the p.i.n.e. project. Regarding siblings and children moving up in program age groups:

  • Sibling registration – In an effort to support returning families, and maintain family connections to pine, we provide sibling priority. If siblings of current participants are interested in joining a program for the first time, please call and/or email the office during pre-registration and we will add the child to a priority list. You will be notified prior to open registration of spots that are available.
  • Children moving into new age groups/next age categories – During pre-registration please notify the office if you would like your child to move up an age group. Participants will be notified prior to open registration of spots that come available. Your previous spot will remain held for you should no spots open and your child is able to participate for another season on the past age group.

2. Open registration –  takes place after pre-registration (watch for the dates on our calendar, sign up for our enewsletter, or follow our facebook page for reminders). For our urban programs, spots remaining after pre-registration are available to any/all on a first come, first served basis. We do have limited spaces available.  If your child has special needs, please contact our office prior to registration to see if we have the capacity to support you and your child.

3. Special needs – We do our best to accommodate all needs – but we need to know! If your child has  special needs, please notify our office to ask if our programs are able to support your child and your families’ specific situation. If children with special needs require more support than we are able to provide, and this information is not shared with our office prior to program registration, participation in the program may not be possible.

3. Adventure Out Program – This is a full day experience taking place near Georgetown, Ontario. It is for children that have spent at least one season with p.i.n.e, and will be by application only. Please see the program page to apply.

4. Fees

  • A cancellation fee of $50 applies to all registrations
  • Upon registration, a deposit must be paid
  • Remaining fees can be paid by credit card or cheque
  • Fees are non-refundable if a parent chooses to opt-out within three weeks of program start date

4. Cancellation Policy

We have firm cancellation polices in place to help support the programs to be consistent and high quality. Our amazing staff require the same consistency in their hours, pay and planning time, and our program delivery is influenced greatly by the number of registrations in the programs.

  • A cancellation fee of $50 applies to all registrations. Please be sure you want to register prior to doing so.
  • Year Round Programming cancellations are on an emergency basis only. Programs run through three seasons but are a full year commitment.  If your participation in programs throughout the year becomes unexpectedly impossible (you move locations etc.) please contact the office. Situations will be assessed on an individual basis.

Summer Camps

1. Pre-registration for camps is typically in early February. Please check the camp pages for more information – or watch our calendar, enewsletter and facebook page. Only returning campers from the previous year are eligible for pre-registration.

2. Open registration dates are located on the individual camp pages, as they change year-to-year. Open registration dates typically take place two weeks after the pre-registration dates.

3. Fees

  • During the registration process you will see that there is a required deposit, which is based on the cost for the camp that you have chosen
  • A cancellation fee of $50 applies to all registrations
  • Upon registration deposit must be paid
  • Remaining fees can be paid by credit card or cheque
  • Fees are non-refundable if a parent chooses to opt-out within three weeks of program start date

4. Cancellation Policy

  • A cancellation fee of $50 applies to all registrations
  • Summer Camps – Cancellations are available (less $50 cancellation fee) up to 21 days prior to the start of any session.  Within 21 days of camp, full tuition is retained by the pine project.

5. Limit to the Number of Weeks of Camp You Can Book

  • To ensure accessibility for more children, and to ensure that children don’t see the same camp storyline too often, each child may only be registered for a maximum of 2 weeks of our Urban Day Camps, one week of Wanderers Camp and one week of Coyote Camp.
  • Our Muskoka camps and Art of Mentoring programs may be booked in addition to this limit.

Adult Programs

  • ALL adult programs require registration at least 2 weeks in advance of program start
  • Registration will include a program deposit fee directly related to the cost of the respective program
  • No refunds 3 weeks in advance of program start date, with the exception of the Art of Mentoring

Art of Mentoring

Stay tuned for 2018 information


We will be awarding bursaries in accordance with how much money was raised through the Best Day Ever Fund.

To download our Bursary Application Form, please go to the Best Day Ever Fund page and click on the respective link to view the document. To fill it out electronically, please download the form after viewing it, fill it out and send it back in PDF format to

If you are willing to make a donation for families in need, donate here:

Donate Now Through!

If you have any questions regarding bursaries please email or call 416-792-2772.

*All bursaries still require individuals to be able to independently organize transportation to the location.