Weekend Wanderers (Ages 4-13)


Weekend Wanderers blends nature education with the arts, music, wild crafts, games, team-building, and self-expression. We help children and youth learn about themselves and their community through connecting with the natural world.

This program runs one weekend day per month from October-June. We explore, learn and play in Fall, Winter and Spring. We aim to develop mentoring relationships with children where staff are invested in their growth.

Ages 4-6 (Coyote Pups) are the smallest adventurers there are. Emphasis in this age group is on introducing children to the wonders of nature and wilderness skills as well as building independence, curiosity, social skills and resilience.

Ages 7-9 (Fiery Foxes) are learning and growing quickly. Emphasis in this age group is on learning our capabilities through skill building, collecting, and creating with our hands. Where Coyote Pups are adventurers and wanderers, the Foxes are builders and creators!

Ages 10-13 (Raccoons) are stepping into adolescence. Emphasis in this age group is on pushing our edges through skill building, creating and being responsible for ourselves and the group. With an extensive capacity for knowledge and research, we can deepen our learning and apply it to more ambitious projects.

Weekend Wanderers 2019/2020

Session Options (Select One):

Saturdays Coyote Pups Ages 4-6
Foxes Ages 7-9
Sundays Coyote Pups Ages 4-6
Foxes Ages 7-9
Raccoons Ages 10-13

Location: Taylor Creek Park

Time: 10am-4pm

Price: $615

Price includes 9 program days from October – June for one monthly session.

A payment plan is available.

Bursaries are available through the Best Day Ever Fund.

2019/2020 Dates:

Saturdays Sundays
Ages 4-6 & 7-9 Ages 4-6, 7-9 & 10-13
October 19 October 20
November 16 November 17
December 7 December 8
January 18 January 19
February 8 February 9
March 7 March 8
April 4 April 5
May 2 May 3
June 6 June 7

Application to Register for 2019/2020 is now open!

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