Nature Immersion Program: AoM Yr 2 Adult


Art of Mentoring Nature Immersion: Year 2 Adult Program Once you’ve experienced the Art of Mentoring Adult Program, you can come back and disappear onto the landscape, immersed in what we call: The Core Routines of nature connection. Adults are outside and learning from experienced mentors, focusing on diving deeply into their connection with the […]

Art of Mentoring Adult Program


Art of Mentoring: Adult Program Come and spend a week focused on connecting with the natural world, learn more about the arts of skillful mentoring of youth or peers, and immerse in a community of different ages and stages, all building strong relationships to self, each other, and nature. If you’re interested in the curriculum, […]

Teen Program (AoM)


Art of Mentoring: Teen Program (Ages 13 – 17) With our Art of Mentoring Teens Program, teens disappear for 5 nights out on the landscape, learning new skills, testing them, and connecting with each other and the landscape. They’ll learn about hazards, wild edibles, survival skills, wildlife tracking, bird language, cooking their own food, creating […]

Youth Camp (AoM)


Art of Mentoring – Youth Camp (Ages 4 – 12) This is a full day camp of programs for ages 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Our younger group requires 4 year olds that are independent enough to work with a group away from mom and dad for the day, out on the land. Our Youth Camp […]

Oaks and Acorns (AoM)


Art of Mentoring: Oaks and Acorns (Parent & Child, Ages 0 – 3) Our Art of Mentoring parent and tot program, for parents with young ones ages 0 – 3. Parents and little ones spend their days together playing in a special ‘woodland wonderland,’ exploring the woods and practicing core routines of nature connection.  Songs, […]

Owls Workshop (AoM)


OWLS Program at Ontario Art of Mentoring Are you one of those who have lived the long years into the grandmother/father time? Do you see the challenges and unacknowledged gifts and strengths of our youth and young adults? We call for your voice and your presence. Come and share your life experience with us. The […]