Explorers Camp


Explorers Camp (Ages 4 – 12) This new East-End summer camp is about exploration and wandering. With specific themes each day to focus our adventures and fun, we’ll spend the week exploring the amazingly diverse ecosystems of Taylor Creek Park. Campers spend the entire day exploring forests, fields, valleys, wetlands, and other ecosystems throughout the […]

March Break Day Camp


March Break Day Camp (Ages 4 – 12) We are happy to announce our annual March Break Day Camp. This camp will pick up right where our summer camps left off – with tons of nature-based games, story telling, creating nature-related art and theatre, exploring, and learning various survival and wilderness living skills. We’re preparing to […]

Teen Survival Skills: Wilderness Leadership


Wilderness Leadership Summer Camp (Teens) In the Wilderness Leadership Summer Camp program teens will develop skills to survive in the wilderness, while at the same time growing in their understanding of the urban wilderness. They will explore and adventure through the parks, learn leadership skills, naturalist knowledge and the wisdom of wilderness survival. Teens will […]

Wanderers Camp


Wanderers Camp (Ages 4 – 12) Similar to our East End Explorers Camp, this camp is about exploration and wandering, with specific themes each day to focus our adventures and fun. These themes run throughout the program while campers spend the entire day exploring lakefront, valley, wetland, and other ecosystems throughout Toronto. We play nature-based […]

Coyote Camp


Coyote Camp (Ages 4 – 12) Coyotes live at the edges, at the periphery of our perception, highly aware and rarely seen. This camp is all about the Coyote’s way of life and is fun for all ages and all types of kids. Teamwork and skill development are high priorities, and learning from each other […]