About the Sit-a-thon 2016 Fundraiser


Our Sit-a-thon 2016 Fundraiser is officially over – and we raised just over $10,000!

If you would like to support our Best Day Ever bursary fund, we are always accepting donations! The best way you can support us is by pledging a monthly donation.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

We all have our own reasons for choosing this fast-paced city life, and we all know what comes along with it: lots of time spent in transit, excessive screen time and constant go-go-go, along with a plethora of events, activities and people. This fast-paced lifestyle can have negative effects on our well-being, our connection to ourselves, each other and the natural world, as well as our ability to unplug from metropolitan life.

The new concept of the digital detox and the slow living movement invite us to unplug our phones, computers and televisions in exchange for the time to reconnect and reboot our bodies, as well as a way to counterbalance the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Also, recent studies have shown that time spent in nature can improve our mental health and overall well-being.

The p.i.n.e. project Sit-a-thon 2016 fundraiser is an invitation to turn off your phone, turn on your senses and reconnect with nature, yourself and others.


What is a “sit spot”?

  • a sit spot is a place you regularly visit in nature to sit quietly and engage your senses, observing nature without distractions (phone, computer, book, etc) – we’ve found that it is one of the best ways to learn from nature.
  • a sit spot is one of several “core nature connection routines” used by the p.i.n.e. project to support our mission and vision.
  • your sit spot can be for any length of time, although you will get the most out of it if you push through the point of being antsy and out of your comfort zone.
  • doing a sit-spot will help you to relax, unwind, clear your mind and connect to the natural world.

How can I participate?

  • as a participant: commit to doing a sit-spot during our event, create a CanadaHelps page, write a paragraph or two on what nature connection has done for you, and collect sponsors by sending it out to your friends, family and social media.
  • as a donor: donate money to one of our participants or directly to p.i.n.e.’s Sit-a-thon event page:Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

    Or donate to one of our FEATURED SITTERS

Where do I do it?

  • a sit spot can be done anywhere, but you have to do it alone. we recommend choosing a spot in a natural setting that is close to your home, where you won’t be disturbed.
  • we also recommend visiting this spot at least once before your Sit-a-thon sit spot.

When is the event?

  • the official event will be on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 if this date does not work for you, please feel free to do your official Sit-a-thon sit spot within a week of the event date… we will be accepting donations until October 1st!

Why should I do / donate to something like this?

  • it’s good for your mental health and overall well-being
  • it’s an opportunity to do a digital detox, which can save you from burnout and help you recharge
  • it’s an opportunity to chill out and relax
  • it will help reconnect you with nature and yourself
  • it benefits a local charity that strives to reconnect people to nature, themselves and each other
  • click here to visit our “why a sit-a-thon?” page for more info

Who does this fundraiser benefit directly?

  • funds raised by this event will go towards our Best Day Ever Fund, which is the p.i.n.e. project’s bursary fund for families who require financial assistance in order to participate in our programs
  • a small portion of these funds will go towards staff training, so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of mentorship for our program participants in their journey with nature connection
  • last year’s Sit-a-thon raised over $10,000