How to Find Your Sit Spot


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“The best teacher is one place.” – John Young

Find a place in nature and go to it. Know it in ALL seasons. All you need to do is sit. Sure there are some activities you can do to start mapping the local wildlife, learning the wild plants and which ones are medicinal and edible, which ones are poisonous, where the owl lives and what the birds are telling you, but without doing anything but sitting quietly and observing you will start to learn these things anyway.


People have asked: how do you maximize the potential for “seeing something” in nature. You will ALWAYS see something in nature. It may not always be a pack of coyotes taking down a white tailed deer or a great horned owl preening itself in the morning light, but there is always something to learn, something to smell, something to experience. Do you know how sweet the sound of the wren’s song is? Have you ever watched a worm poke its head from a hole and pull in dried leaves? We are in the business of nature connection and in order to ‘be and not do,’ we need to start to open up to the beauty in the subtle: the way the forest sounds when a hawk soars over head, or before a storm, the stripes on a Caterpillar.


So how do you find the “best spot”?

1) Be realistic! if you have a beautiful park 10 minutes walk from your home, but you know you will never have time to make that walk, choose a closer spot! Go to your front porch or back yard if that’s what will get you there.

2) Be Safe. Keep your eye’s open for Hazards. In the city often the biggest hazard can be people. When you’re looking for your spot check in to see if you see any signs of people having parties and steer clear. Other hazards include poison ivy, dead hanging branches, fast moving or deep water, and dangerous things left on the ground. Use your best judgment but don’t let this deter you from finding a spot!

3) Privacy: You will likely feel most comfortable and be able to get into the peaceful zone if you are out of the mainstream traffic.

3) Natural features: The point of the sit spot is to connect you to your local natural neighborhood. You don’t need to be alone on a mountain! But it does help to have some green near by. Below is a list of natural features to consider incorporating into your sit spot.

  • Water. All life needs it! And wild life will frequent spaces where there is water to drink
  • Edge habitat. This is where two types of landscapes meet i.e. forest meets field, meadow meets stream, thicket meets trees. Often in the edges there is a lot happening
  • View. It helps if you are able to see at least several meters in front of you to have a perspective of the lay of the land
  • Cover. Its great if you can blend into the landscape a bit. Lean up against a rock or a tree. Sit on the edge of a meadow against the forest, rather than sticking out in the middle!

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