Sit-a-thon for Kids


Our Sit-a-thon 2016 Fundraiser is officially over – and we raised just over $10,000!

If you would like to support our Best Day Ever bursary fund, we are always accepting donations! The best way you can support us is by pledging a monthly donation.

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Hey there! kidspot

Have you ever done a sit spot before? It’s really easy. All you need to to is pick your very favourite spot in nature and sit there quietly. It can be hard to sit quietly alone but you know what? That’s when all the animals and creatures come out.

All the sneakiest people in the whole world are good at being still and quiet. While you’re at your sit spot you will notice birds and if you’re really quiet some mammals might come out to visit you.

Go to your sit spot a couple times a week. Sometimes if you’re feeling low its even a great place to go to cheer up!

The Sit-a-thon is a fundraiser where you pledge to sit in nature to raise money so that people in need can go to nature programs too! You decide how long you can sit for: half an hour, 45 minutes, one hour or more… Then you collect pledges from your family and friends!

What should your sit spot be like?

  • It should be close enough to home that you can walk there
  • It should be in a safe place approved by your parent(s)
  • It should have some nature nearby: trees, a stream, or a field are all things that could be there


What should you do there?

You will get to know this spot better than anyone else in the world. You will be an expert at knowing about the nature of your sit spot. Make sure when you come back from your sit-spot that you record all the cool things you saw, heard smelled and touched. You could write down the tracks you saw and any flowers that were blooming.